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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Kaidoorn - Legend Of A Hero - A Pre-Release Look

I Need A CyberHero!! [19th June Release Date]

Kaidoorn's latest 'Legend Of A Hero' is a real cast back to the italo-disco days of the 80's with a Hard Rock twist. Heavy pounding bass, deep rich synths and a very impressive vocal line really tie this package together. Let's dive into it together

The faded, muggy approach to the overall track really enhance the atmosphere. Opening slow, low, and powerful with some beautifully done rustic and strained vocals by Lukkysparxx swoop you in to the beat of the track. you can really feel the passion behind every word which is always a joy to see. This Hard Rock Heavy Metal approach was a dream team waiting to happen. The delivery of the lines tied along with the musical prowess have melted and molded into its own beast, the right amount of wave, the right amount of rock. We love it.

The tune drops and bass thumps at around a third in. The build up was totally worth it, jettisoning the listener directly into cyberspace at lightning speed. The bouncing vibrant waves teleport straight from keyboard into your ears, the bass a beating heart of the track, and a hook that will push you from behind into the kaleidoscope that is the unexplored galaxy.

The lyrics tell a story of a fighter, a defender, who protected an unnamed city from an invading force. The vocals by Lukkysparxx are delivered with power and dedication, with harmonization exactly where you would want them, and on second (or third or fourth) listen you will be shouting the song of the valiant hero as you rocket down the empty, neon lit highways! This is the first vocals we have heard in a Kaidoorn track here at SkyeCity Synth and we dig it!

To close, 'Legend Of A Hero' is a body rocker, one to get you pumped and let your imagination fly. Top pick for a gym workout playlist but will always be at home in your driving list as well. We really like how the producer and vocalist have created a new dimension in our minds, all the way down to the one person who can save it. Will we ever find out more? Stick around and find out.

Kaidoorn - Legend Of A Hero will be releasing 19th June 2020 please see the below links for the artist and keep up to date.

*Reviewed using the Topping D10 DAC/Schiit Valhalla OTL tube amp/DT770Pro cans*