Monday, December 7, 2020

I’m Back, Baby - 'The Bad Dreamers' Quick Look

 The bad dreamers, where have you been all my life!

As many of you know, over the start of COVID era I decided to take a break BUT I’m back baby let’s fire up the tubes and see what chaos you have in store for me.

I decided to have a trawl through Spotify and see what I have been missing out on when I came across a group called The Bad Dreamers. They seemed to have a good solid fan base established already so I thought I would check the hype out.

Digging a bit deeper David Schuler, the front of The Bad Dreamers, is more than established. He has accomplished many many things from Grammy Nominations to Film producing! Now I was getting excited.

I ignited the valves in the amp and sat down to listen. A blind selection off the artists front page of Spotify landed me on ‘Hit Me Harder’, a 5 minute track from the 2018 album ‘Songs About People Including Myself’. Immediately I noticed the shear quality of production here, the curse of proper listening gear is often the highlighted sensitivity to mastering (and when it goes wrong). Luckily no issues. The dulled bass, the swirling synths and the silky silky smooth vocals in the first third are marvelous. A comic being drawn in your headphones of the lyrical story being unfolded; one of fear, betrayal and the turning of the tides. As I like to say “don’t bring a fart to a shit fight”, really listen to the track and it will all make sense.

The real lightning bolt of the song is at exactly the mid point and damn nearly blew my skull out. Punchy! Dynamic! Such depth and focus! The sinister tone shift can catch you unaware and propel you into a fight for your life. Suddenly you realise what the 2.45 minutes of build up was for, the cataclysmic last half of the track. A growing orchestra of highs develop in the final third, delivered alongside a haunting synth piercing through the dark bass. As quickly as it escalated, it calms to a finish.


What an absolute diamond of a track to find. Enjoyed every second and immediately went hunting for more. The Bad Dreamers latest offering seems to be the ‘Unspoken, Unbroken’ EP which will be filling my phones for the next 45 mins. A quick search of the artists social media seems to hold promise of more and more. ‘Space and Time’ is fast approaching and I cannot wait to see what it has in store for us.

Guys, I know I’ve been away but I’m hoping this little taste will reinvigorate my love for the work. Please hold fast with me whilst I find my feet again, for everyone that stayed THANK YOU for every newcomer THANK YOU and for those who haven’t heard of me yet THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

Remember a share for me is a share for you, enjoy! And keep sending me them tracks

*Reviewed using the Schiit Modius DAC / Loki PreAmp EQ / Valhalla 2 OTL tube amp / DT770Pro cans*


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