Monday, May 4, 2020

Mantus - Miami Nights

Outrun Isn't Overdone Yet

Amsterdam based Mantus has been releasing on Spotify for just over a year. The producer shows great dedication to his music with numerous EP releases over that year, with his latest Miami Nights releasing today! We are going to have a look at the 6 track EP and see if there is something unique suited for our playlist.

Amsterdam Vice

The opening gambit on Miami Nights is Amsterdam Vice, dark and deep bass lines start us off, creating a moody and gritty atmosphere. The cowbell and phazer kick in to lighten the mood and really open up the track. The drumbeat is steady and prominent. The hook around a minute in is catchy and punchy with displaced highs to increase the evolution of the song. Fade echo to close, a good intro track for sure!

Chasing The Illusions

Chasing The Illusions is along the same tempo as the first, more flange on the intro with a growing electrostatic presence. The swooping mids of the background elevate the track and the drum line is funky and moving. Ethereal notes going into the final quarter before dropping the listener right into the meat of the track. The subtle keystrokes of an electro-choir exploding the track from good to great, very promising work from the producer here!

Miami Nights

The title track of the EP Miami Nights fades into view with that distinct 80s vibe before jumping off the diving board into some real italodisco groove. A smile will appear on your face as the complimentary notes swirl in your headphones to this one. Synthpopy bridge kicks in and you are transformed back to the neon arcades and drop-top drive ins before a build going into the final third. Another great drop back to the happy-go-lucky tune that finished the song with carefully placed highs to really give off that summer vibe.

California Cruse

California Cruse is going to be the calm track of the EP. Dark and rich from the start elevates your senses ready to hear more. Synthboards open the range slowly with more and more being added to the soundstage as the track grows. The mid way point brings in the strong drums turning this into a body rocker. Not many more developments from here though which was a shame, the vibe was right but maybe some solo work on the keyboards would have transformed the track. Still a great one to chill to, whack it on a "studying" playlist for sure

Night Drive

Night Drive brings us to the final two of the EP. Beginning with some great tonal work to invest the listener as the kick-drum smashes in. Here is the keyboard work we were looking for in the previous song! Flowing and lucid they dance around the fader, filling the room with nostalgia. Steady building bridge at the center before a powerful drop with twinkling highs and electric baselines. This is our top pick for a power track off the EP, get it on your playlist.

Final Lap

Final Lap, aptly named, takes last place on the EP track-list. With an overall Outrun feel we can hear the roaring engines roll by in the background before the drop into the race ourselves. Fantastic use of emotion to develop the lines and create that sense of urgency. Suddenly we are back in the stands, watching nervously as the guzoline tears past us. Thrown back into the driver's seat for the final quarter with expanse in dynamics that makes the blood pump, and it's over as soon as it started. Make no mistake this is a rush of a song and we love it! Really put us into the cockpit of that racecar.

Overall the EP is well produced and mastered, released on Spotify as of today, and contains a good handful of memorable moments! Top picks from our side would be Chasing The Illusions and Final Lap. Make sure to check back in the future for more good work from the producer, one to watch! 

Spotify and Artist links below. Please follow us for more reviews coming soon!

*Reviewed using the Topping D10 DAC/Schiit Valhalla OTL tube amp/DT770Pro cans*


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