Friday, May 1, 2020

Master System - Episodes

Master System is now called System Glow!

April 26th brought us the debut EP 'Episodes' from Master System onto Spotify, Texas based Michael Schadow's first leap onto the popular streaming platform. A 6 track EP created from the producers Soundcloud musings with snazzy artwork and from what we have found a potential strong backing.
'Back Then' the first track opens buttery smooth. Fluid and jazzy notes fill your headphones. A relaxing well paced journey into future-past. Room (or head) bouncing bass rythem with an interesting swirl of cowbell, synths, and a well rounded drum track to boot.

'Distance' opens with slightly more weight and is the longest track on the EP at 5:20. Heavier and darker than track one but at the same time more melodic. The blur of piercing highs and lively bass create a flavour of city cruising constantly pushing the track onward. The bridge at ~2:30 plays out double time, with swirling broken chords and a rocking lick front and centre. Octave changes build the tension going into the final quarter which hits with a bang. Guitar can be heard growing in the background for that little bit of spice. Nice! We always love hearing solos in songs with guitars. Soothing raindrops fade the track out, 100% one for the drop-top on a sunny day.

'Montage Racer' with its classic 80's beat is the meat of the EP in our eyes. Classic drum track from the off. Droning rockstar guitar opening rapidly growing into what sounds like a battle between the two front men. Balance changing left and right like a conversation of strings, its incredibly well done! ~1:25 hits the synths hard with catchy mids before continuing the Fender conversation from before. Final quarter is clear cut wave material throwing in some interesting lines that catch you off guard before abruptly ending at 3:50. An unfinished argument. We hope to see a build on this song, possibly a part 2 in the works?

'Amethyst's calming and content nature is a welcome breather in the EP. A subtle flash in time with a river lake flow carrying the listener between tracks. Impressive key strokes and high bells steady the heart. Strong percussion developments in the final third, being a short song, but it completely achieves what we believe it was supposed to...Chill

'Jumpin' is jamin! the strong slap bass hits you straight away with a funky synth riff straight out of a bygone time. Crystal highs accompany the mid section of this track with again some interesting choices in instruments. A blend of woodwind, synth and bass creates a dynamic that we haven't come across before, but we like it. The end is gentle and refined, ending literally on a high. Great work!

The final song on the EP is 'Daily News'. Before hearing we were hoping for something pounding, something to make us move. Circling Swirls and a news article cutting talking about...Facebook! "turning on your home computer" to read news. Champion start. ~0:45 punches deep which is what we were looking for. Heavy explosions and a catchy rhythm grab the listener by the coat. The lul at 1:43 creates tension before dropping us right back into the action. This whole track would feel right at home in an action movies credits

Over all the EP was enjoyable, each track had its own unique take on the genre that left a lasting impression. Synthcity are impressed with this debut and cant wait to see where the producer goes next.The important question from us is "Will there be a part 2 to Montage Racer?"

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*Reviewed using the Topping D10 DAC/Fiio E9 Solid State/DT770Pro cans*


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