Friday, May 1, 2020

LeAndre Moon - Moon Vol.1

LeAndre Moon Explosive Debut Album!

Virginia based LeAndre Moon released the debut album Moon Vol.1 this week onto Spotify. The producer has been creating music from a young age but his opening onto Spotify has only just begun. The album boasts an impressive 11 tracks of varying length but is plenty to get a good feel for what this artist is all about.

First track up for review is 'Chantie', 5th on the album. Opening the soundstage wide with piano, bells, and synthesizer drones. At ~1:08 there is a shift of scope as a fast, lively hip-hop drum line breaches the room with a bang. The bass line pounding in the underground and an impressive hook in the upper mids really gets your blood flowing. Secular fills from each prominent instrument after the ~2:00 mark cement the track in your brain, with balance shifting left to right like each character getting his own speech at the stage front. The final third has a deep minor horn, think blade runner 2049 (I know I know, but it's true). A fun one to jam loud on the tubes, very very much enjoyed.

The final track of the album entitled 'Saylor' took us by surprise, with a much more prominent grime vibe. The bass threw us back in the chair thinking we had the wrong song on, but as the cyber-choir started to fade in we realised we found something special. This isn't a mix we've seen before, it's dark and mysterious, slowly trudging forwards. Boss battle music for sure. The strings are welcomed to bring in some much needed peaks, but for being only a 2 minute track all the elements blended together to make a fantastic take on the genre without favouring one side over another. Brilliant.

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*Reviewed using the Topping D10 DAC/Schiit Valhalla 2 OTL Tube amp/DT770Pro cans*


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