Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Meteor - System Failure

System Failure is an Overriding Win!

Meteor is a Rock/Punk/Synth/Dark fusion headed by the amazing Jorge Reyes out of Columbia's beautiful Medellin. Here at Skyecity Synth we love seeing this level of passion and dedication to the genre even when its a part time side hustle. Meteors latest album System Failure was released on May 10th just gone and its been in our ears constantly! The blend of music used is captivating and addictive. Here are our favs from the album:

Suit Jacket Society

This track will shake you up in the morning, consumed best with a strong black coffee and a Marlboro Red. Don't let the short intro fool you into boosting those speakers, what begins as calm and quiet soon changes into a bone shaking dark, deep, skincoating ooze of style and substance. The dirty drums and bass line a constant in the song really digging into your soul, the effective use of stops and gaps puncturing your momentum as you cant help but headbang. the short bridge in the centre leading into some gritty guitar licks that really further the track. The synth lines are monumental leaving behind a real retro taste that we are all craving. In a sentence, Suit Jacket Society is badass and is to be treated with respect.

Stray Dogs

Stray Dogs begins faded and low, before dropping the listener right into the centre of a gunfight. The bass is grimy and broken, the mids are crystal and fluid, the tempo of the song is well paced with a driving force that glues your headphones in place. The crackles & sparks that fly through this track are forever stuck in our memory, some serious atmosphere building and world creating has gone into the craftsmanship of this one. The use of balance giving the track a 3D feel, the subtle barks and sirens in the distance, the drums OH THE DRUMS yes, they need to be heard to be believed. Absolutely fantastic this is going straight into our playlist. A top track pick for us off the album, amazing work from the part time producer.


a guttural chant opens the track, giving us some idea of what is going to hit us before flying fast into a slapping bass led riff that throws you back in your seat. Its funky, its groovy, but its still got that tinge of darkness to it that embodies the album. The mid-section is light and playful filled with electrostatic and hopefulness, a brief rest in the tune before throwing us back into it. Flares bounce left and right and the epic guitar appears centre stage, you can almost feel the smoke machines and lazer lights begin to go off in an abandoned warehouse repurposed as a grungy biker hangout with a stage at the back. The track is the bouncier of the 3, perfect for the car, perfect for the house, still maintaining that dark mystery present across the album.

If you are after something with punch, something with weight, density, metal, whatever you want to call it, THIS ALBUM needs to be on your radar. We here at Skyecity Synth knew what we were getting ourselves into and we were still blown away. The crisp mastering, the surgical precision, it was a great experience all round. Meteor has won a lifelong fan in us and we hope to hear more from him soon.

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*Reviewed using the Topping D10 DAC/Schiit Valhalla OTL tube amp/DT770Pro cans*


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