Friday, May 1, 2020

Phantom System - Violet

Brazilian Synth Artists 4th Album Release

Phantom System is an artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil who back in recent March released their 4th album 'Violet'. A well produced and vibrant sounding synthwave delight featuring chills and dreams that are out of this world. Songs such as 'Xenovox' will make your skin crawl as you picture up scenes of Ripley from Alien attempting to escape. A slimey head bobber that would be perfect for midnight crusing down the back ally's of any neon-lit metropolis.

'Violet Eyes' opens with a punchy dotted and echoed sub bass riff that really blows open the rest of the song. The lead hook is inquisitive and brave, it's really paid off here as it creates the vibe of urgency. Carefull driving to this one, watch out for speed traps (and monsters!)

In a refreshing contrast to the two previous songs mentioned, 'Lady Of Space And Time' begins with a calming and soothing rhythm, Slowed tempo, crisp highs yet still a beating heart drum track underneath. Constant midsynth in the background across the track create a flowing atmosphere. This song is the "safe room" of the album and was a welcome bridging point.

The real meat of the album comes in from 'Choose The Red Pill', a 10:10 long feature track last on the album. First quarter does well at driving forward the dark and grungy atmosphere. There is a tone shift at ~3:00 introducing ethereal bells in a haunting melody that furthers the track into the abyss. The breakdown 2 minutes further into the track hits hard with bass and hihats, some serious octave builds follow feeling like a decent into madness.

This album would feel right at home coming from bookshelf speakers closely pressed between the volumes of by H.P Lovecraft. A fantastic ghostly work that, for me, clearly depicts the failing of a poor wretches mind, in this plain of existence or another. A serious listen for fans of sci-fi horror, craving a soundtrack to depict their love of existential dread.

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*Reviewed using the Topping D10 DAC/Schiit Valhalla 2 OTL Tube amp/DT770Pro cans*


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