Sunday, May 3, 2020

Betamaxx - Watch Me

What A Singalong!

Pittsburgh based Betamaxx released the new single Watch Me on May 1st to the delight of their already dedicated fan base. The single boasts killer vocals from the talented Primo The Alien adding an incredible depth to the track that we are going to dig into now.

The pacing of the beat is fast and nimble. Bouncing around the sound stage and creating a rushed rhythm from the beginning. Great use of samples for the intro allowing the listener to join that funky 80's groove. At ~0:15 Primo kicks in with her dotted stance making the track really fly down the runway. The built makes tension, gradually growing with more and more lines being introduced till the chorus at ~0:45. It's incredibly catchy! Instantly printing into your mind ready for a sing along when Primo comes back round for the second.

The muted bridge around ~2:00 is a welcome calm point that serves to give a wider view angle of the track, really expanding the imagination of the listener. We're then thrown back into the action, like the continuation of the car-chase the deep synths push the track onward with amazing force and body moving ability. The slapping bass guitar adds so much to the drop, really teleporting you back in time, and Promo's pipes really open up in the final third. Crystal clear highs powerfully delivered getting the listener really into that funky promiscuous fashion before the close of the song.

All in a fantastic track with a great level of production and a range of dynamics that will suit a lot of fans in the genre. Highly recommend getting this one into your playlist.

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*Reviewed using the Fiio E17k Alpen DAC AMP Combo/DT770Pro cans*


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